Recent review and a survey from AV-C

  • 9 February 2024
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I am long term user:

I know we have been in this rodeo before, but…

Webroot Antivirus Review 2024 — Is It Secure Enough? (

Not a bad deep dive contemporaneous review with some concerns for me.



IT Security Survey 2024 - AV-Comparatives

This is a survey

Maybe a, erm, ‘selective” sample, but respondents are users who have increased awareness.

I appreciate the testing issues with AV-C, but, Webroot , really, does not feature anywhere in this survey.


Any comments?

2 replies

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Hi @Longboard 


Have a look here because I don’t know what you want us to say?



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Hi TH 👍



Watched the vid.. not really impressed: minimal/no metrics.., lot of advanced user opinion and expreience: respect that , and I didnt disagree with everything on the vid, but seriouisly, no comparison to AV-C, MRG etc

The idea that an AV will be “heavy’, doesnt cut it.

Kaspersky: the Russian trojan ??? Really.

The idea that Windows will protect you is a bit risky imo.

Just dumping on Top10 lists doesnt help much.

And, it is always easy to blame the user….

Anyone here not been affected by data breaches??

Anyone here not getting spam and phishes??

Everyone here trust all their contacts to have rigorous www security in palce.

Anyones kids busy on the game sites and talking with other players??

Everyones kids got phones?

Everyones kids got Debit cards only?

Everyone here get 100% in the email phish tests.?

Every body on a VPN and masking emails??

Got your router software and HW UTD ?

Got 2FA on all your logins?

Never log in to public wifi??

Personally, I have some expectations that my paid for protection will actually deliver when needed.

What I am hoping is that Webroot recognises significant issues; and, also, flaws as highlighted by Rubenking, who as we know has been a strong booster of Webroot in the past.

Cant just say: “shill this, shill that” and get away with it.

I was suprised by the comments from Rubenking: re

“A Hard to test firewall”...and what followed.

“program control features” , “just didnt work”. !!

Really, and for how long had that been the case.?

“ these features will likely be removed” Really? When?

Well , i guess if the feature is not working….

Hence, an actual metric that was a fail.

Rubenking went to the effort of doing some detailed Webroot symathetic specific testing and really, punched holes through several layers.

Rubenkings tests and findings almost exactly mirrored the safetydetectives review: this suggests a sytemic issue.

Rubenking was a great booster or Webroot in the past. read between the lines: Rubenking has kind of dumped on Webroot.

Again, I’m not here to argue the merits of commercial pushing.

If anyone here believes Rubenking is in the pay of some evil conglomerate: then call him out: ask him.

Was suprised that Webroot was not even in top twelve of desktop tools.

Ok, anyone here can say: If you dont like it : piss off.

That’s not the point: I am interested in getting feedback and there are obviously issues that need addressing.

Not that it is an indication of quality, but, In terms of commercial and desktop penetration, what exactly is the market percentage for Webroot?