Windows 8 and Firewall settings in WSA

  • 6 February 2013
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Windows 8 Custom Firewall Settings/options in WSA
"Status: Under Consideration
Windows 8 presents limitations to our current firewall implementation and we are currently considering our options in light of those limitations."
I think you need to wait, and a solution is found. This is not a critical problem. Security level is not decreased due to lack of data settings.
Thank you
Best regard, Petr.
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Now someone was talking :)
Two tools that works like WSA dis prior to Win8 are
I personally use the latter and prefer it.
Hope someday, that these features will appear in WSA so that I could have one icon less in my tray, Seein more icons in my tray kinda bugs me :p
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Well, dtouch, I do not know how far back you go but I remember when every component of what is now an IS app was an individual app (and I mean, AV, HIPS, Firewall, Anti Rootkit, etc.) and boy was the sys tray crowded...just two icon instead is not so bad and in my book significant progress...:D
Of, course...just one would be you say...;)
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Not two,
WSA, MWBAM Pro, WFC and Returnil Quietzone (turn on occasionally, to sandbox).
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@ wrote:
WSA & excellent combo that is so light so as to be almost unoticable..
I've also used this security combination and all I can say - it's awesome :D