I keep getting notification to update my adobe flashplayer exe. When I try Webroot tells me not to?

  • 2 June 2016
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1 reply

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Whilst it is always good to keep Adobe Flash Player up to date, I would be very cautious as to from where the recommendation comes. If it comes from something popping up on your system then I would be even more cautious especially if you are not aware of you having the Adobe Upater running in background.
What I would do is check the version number of the Flash Player installed on your system, and then head over to this site https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ which is the only legitimate (and safe) site from which to get the update from, and see what version is shown as current there.
If you are in fact behind in terms of versions then you have the choice as to whether to update or not.
Update 'recommendations' are a notorious way of malware writers getting malicious programs onto one's system...so well done for being cautious.
Regards, Baldrick