• 24 February 2013
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I have done all of my usual stuff to get rid of virus', adware, and spyware and this is attached to me outlook. It causes it to crash when I am checking my mail, popping up when i click on certain spam, which i am guessing is being sent form this site, and then causing my outlook to crash. I can't even attempt to deleate it as it causes the crash. I have read about this and see that windows defender is suppose to get rid of it but it will not run, I am guessing because of a conflict with Webroot. I turned of Webroot and defender will still not run. 
Can someone please help me, it's driving me nuts! 

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3 replies

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Please Submit a Support Ticket so that we can have our technicians take a look. I also recommend switching your password to your Outlook account.
I do not use outlook online, just the application on my laptop... my emails are all private via my own domaine. I do not even use like hotmail or gmail... 🙂   I will submit a support ticket once I figure out how to do that... Can you direct me? 
never mind... found it. thanks much.