Scan on boot up if computer...has mind of its own

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Anybody experiencing this 'featurette'.
Uncheck the 'Scan on boot up if computer....' option under the Scan Schedule tabs in Settings, and then check on it after a reboot or the following morning (when you would usually have rebooted if you switch your PC off overnight).
Does anybody find that the option has somehow gotten itself rechecked, ie, it is ON again?
Have just noticed this (but to be fair have had some issues with this option before & uninstalled completely and reinstalled to try to resolve it.)
Be interested to see if this is happening to anyone.  Am running latest build .193.

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I'm happy to help! I've got a couple of support articles to write before the week is out. This one's been added to the list. 🙂
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Thanks Jim. I appreciate your understanding 🙂
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That was a great suggestion Pegas.  We've now got a knowledgebase article in place on the subject.
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Great! It's cruelly perfect!

Thanks again 🙂
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Cruelly?! 😞 I hope not!

I just finished up the sd card corruption one you had suggested as well. :)
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😃 saying cruelly I meant the highest expression of how it is perfect. "It's cruelly perfect" means in Czech the highest perfection.

oh and thanks for the frozen scan KB article 🙂