Subscription expired after renewing it a month ago and the keycode is now invalid

  • 14 December 2019
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I bought a new keycode of a 1 year subscription Webroot  Internet Security Plus for 3 devices from Walmart for $40 less than a month ago. Entered the new keycode on my dad’s PC and works perfectly. Then I entered it on my laptop and again it activated perfectly like every year. Never had a problem with webroot until now. But this time after a few days, 15 days I believe, after turning on my laptop I got a pop up message saying my subscription has been expired or 38 days and needed to renew or uninstall webroot. Even though I had already activated the new keycode recently. When I tried to enter the keycode it said it was invalid and to enter a valid one. I checked the keycode that supposedly expired and it was the new one I just recently purchased at walmart. I uninstalled and installed the program again. When asked to enter keycode to finish installing again it says its invalid and enter a valid one. It has not been a month and subscription expired. I already submitted a support ticket. I don’t know what else to try or do. Please help me.

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