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  • 19 January 2018
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I am getting a notice  that my Secure Anywhere Solution Agreement has changed and I have to click AGREE to accept the modified terms and agreement.  Is this legit?

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10 replies

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Yes, that message is legit.  From time to time we change our terms and conditions, so we want to make sure you have an opportunity to review them when that happens.
Could you or someone from Webroot be so kind to at least specify what's been changed in the agreement? And is there a way to do this in a more seamless manner moving forward? (Maybe just highlight the changes in any future updates?) I recall just getting a similar update within the past month or so and honestly, I have no idea what was changed.
From my perspective, it's like I've already decided to place a high degree of trust in Webroot and to date, I have no reason to feel otherwise (which is great) but at the same time, it would be nice to not feel like I was just continually, 'blindly' agreeing to evolving terms. And if I've overlooked something, please let me know. 
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Hi @,
As someone who also has to frequently accept new EULAs from various companies, I can relate! Not being a legal expert myself, I don't know what are our options are for improving this process.  I will talk to our legal team and see what's possible from a legal perspective.
You have an interesting suggestion here.  If you think of others, there's an Idea Exchange in the community where you can share ideas like this and vote on other people's ideas. We review these suggestions when thinking about how to enhance our products and services.
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For the last couple of weeks I continue to get this message on my tablet after I have acknowledged it. Got it again on Monday, even though last week I got it. I find it hard to believe this has changed multiple times in a month. I haven't gotten the message on my phone, just the tablet. 
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Hi @
That does sound unusual. 
Can you DM me the keycode you are using on your tablet? 
Also, it would be helpful to know when the message comes up.  Does it seem to happen on regular intervals, for example once a day around the same time?  Or does it happen after you do something specific, for example when you turn the tablet on? Or is it at random?
Kind regards,
Just received the email today about updated solution agreement and needing to accept the changed terms. I need to know what the changes are before I agree to anything. Nothing in the is highlighted to show mw what the changes are vs. what was changed. You can't really expect me to be able to pick them out of all those pages of can't be serious; that is incredulous, ridiculous, and nust insane...
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Like any cloud provider, Webroot updates its EULA from time to time to make sure we’re giving you accurate disclosures as a customer, and to keep pace with dynamic legal and business changes.
The following is a short summary of some of the substantive changes made to our previous EULA:
(1) we added a dispute resolution clause for any disputes under the EULA, which includes an arbitration provision with a way for you to opt-out, and a class action waiver;
(2) we added that we can contact you via in-product messaging;
(3) we clarified that we cannot use your personal data, except as described in the EULA and our Privacy Policy (available at; 
(4) we made other clarifying and grammatical changes
Please contact Customer Support if you have any further questions on the EULA. 
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Hi Sophia - I PM'd you the information you requested last week (3/1). I was hoping this magically fixed itsself since I hadn't seen the message in about a week. Unfortunately, when I charged the tablet yesterday and turned it on today and got the yellow "You may be at risk" warning indicating Webroot SecureAnywhere Solution Agreement required a response. Clicked on "Fix this Now" and the Attention statement indicating that the agreement has changed popped up - I tap on agree. 
Some additional back ground - 
I had to reinstall Webroot Mobile App (sometime in January) after sending back the original tablet for replacement and use the keycode to reactivate.  Shortly after that is when I started getting the repeated  requests to "fix this now".
Not sure if you were able to identify the problem as yet.
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Hi Jackie,
I didn't get your PM on 3/1 for some reason.  Can you try sending it again?
Kind regards,
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I get this same notice at least once a week on my Android-based phone, but never on my laptop or Kindle Fire. I recently upgraded to a Galaxy S9+ from my S7 product, even though it is registered on my account.