How to change key for the product?

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Thats OK, I have sent you a request for diagnostic logs to see what this threat is. Once I get them back I can send you on a solution.
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I dont any hardware issues from the logs and the scan logs werent complete. We will probably need to connect to the PC and have a look at whats going on. My shift is over but I have put a note in for one of my colleagues. Failing that I can connect tomorrow, whatever times suits you we have staff times to cover.
I can do Tuesday 10.30 to 12 pm EST, if you available. Please, let me know where I need to connect. Thank you.
The tech support just sent me instructions how to install Webroot. Do they not read the e-mails? I explained in details that I can not install it. Telling me where to download it is not going to resolve it. So nobody contacted me at 10.30. I am still here till 12, waiting. Next available time is tomorrow 10.30 to 11 am and any time after 3.30 pm EST. Thank you.
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I can send you a remote request from the support system if your available now? I have sent a remote support request if you want me to connect and fix this.
Yes, I am available. Let me log in to that support ticket on another computer. Thank you.


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