Cannot send Mail when wifi security is enabled

  • 3 December 2019
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Hi there, 

I am unable to send an email from the MAC app on OS Catalina. As soon as I disable to Wifi security it sends the email. I travel a lot for work and like to have the Wifi security enabled at all time. 

Is there a workaround or setting I need to change for this? 


Thank you

3 replies

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@schmidt729 Has this issue been resolved? Are you able to answer any of the above questions or those on this thread? I give some details on that thread on how to find your email server connection details for some popular mail clients.

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@schmidt729 Apologies for the inconvenience here. I am raising this issue with the team who build the app and manage the VPN infrastructure.

Do you know which country or countries you are connected to when you cannot connect to email? Have you tried explicitly connecting to a endpoint closer to home in case the provider is blocking “overseas” connections?

Do you know how you are connecting to the email (IMAP, POP3 etc.) and which ports you are using? If you can Direct Message me this information and the name of the email provider (is it the email address associated your your community account?) then I will pass this information along to the team.

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Hello @schmidt729 Welcome to the Webroot Community forum.

Sorry you are having problems with your WiFi Security. I move your post to the WiFi Security Sub Forum so that our WiFi Dev @pstonethompson will be able to answer your question with WiFi on your macOS Catalina.