• 6 September 2016
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I have just come across this problem 2 days ago. I am VERY unhappy with WebRoot. Is there  a way I can just copy windowssystem32driverswrkrn.sys onto a USB using command prompt? Is there a easier way than having to take out my hard drive and putting it onto a different computer to delete the file? NOT HAPPY.
I can't boot into safe mode, I think this requires me to take the hard drive out and put it into another computer to fix, which I'm not doing. I'm just going to take my computer to Geek Squad. Thanks for the help though.
Thank you for the help. I have already taken my computer into Geek Squad and am picking it up a little later.
Going Through this Thread, will this issue happen to client PC with WS Endpoint Security. 
I am looking to purchase Webroot for our company soon. We hae the trial version running (Version does anyone know if the issue in this thread is still a problem on this version?
Jonathan, still not working...I've had 2 of my Windows 2008 servers crippled with this isssue. Uninstalled Webroot on both and problem gone. Unlike the other memers in this thread, my problem only started a month ago. I'm running the latest release My company has invested a lot of money with Webroot. Please advise on the way forward.
We just had this issue this morning on a 2008 Standard server.  We renamed .sys file and rebooted and everthing is good right now.  I verfied that the Webroot version was
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Yeah for me I get into the command prompt mode in the recovery options and to the magic windows commands to delete or rename and it reboots fine, however I hope to see this resolved entirely soon, as I have lots of pressures on me as a beta tester and QA person for 4 companies.