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It is happening again now - Facebook is being blocked by Webroot's browser plugin

Same. I requested a review but it would be nice to know what's up.
Same here.  Facebook.com being blocked as malicious by the Webroot Web Filtering Chrome plugin.  Reported from one site so far out of about 16 that I manage.
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Hello and Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Please look here at this Thread
You can use Chrome and Microsoft Edge without a block though. As this was posted in this thread
Hope this helps?
Chrome and Internet Explorer are the culprits in my case.  My users have to use Edge until this is fixed.  After today's false-positive fiasco my clients are understandably a little sensitive about this, so it'd be great to get an official confirmation of this issue.
(Also there is no option to "unblock")
Looks like it's been fixed. Facebook is no longer being blocked.
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Hi jamicro,
Sorry to hear of this happening. Are you using the Webroot Business version. Because that handles the Webfilter differently I believe.